dreaming out loud...

we speak the dreams for those who are afraid.

17 December 1985
Texas, United States
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GQMFs, accents, action, adventure, africa, art, bones, bones (the tv show), books, bourne, buffy the vampire slayer, cake, chris pine, clothes, concerts, cooking, criminal minds, dark angel, disney movies, documentaries, eating, fashion, firefly, france, freddie prinze jr., friends, fun and games, goodtimes, grey's anatomy, heath ledger, heroes, himym, house, ideas, information, intelligence, italy, jake gyllenhaal, jewelry, johnny depp, karamel sutra, knowledge, laughing, law and order: svu, liberty, life, lupe fiasco, magic, matt damon, maxwell, michael weatherly, movies, music, my g1, ncis, new things, nigeria, noisettes, nyc, paris, people, photography, pinto, poetry, pretty things, psychology, randomness, reading, rob thomas, romance, rosario dawson, sarah michelle gellar, serenity, shingai shoniwa, singing, skirts, star trek xi, tall guys, thai food, thailand, the pursuit of happiness, the world, trashy novels, travel, trying to write songs, veronica mars, witty banter, writing, zachary quinto, zoe saldana
Usually down for whatever (within reason), never/rarely write in this thing but working on it.
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