Dear Self,

You're an awesome and amazing person. You are more intelligent than you believe and are destined for greatness. If you're willing to do the work you can accomplish a lot. But you tend to be lazy and put things off only to forget aout them later on. You lack patience and don't understand why the world doesn't work the way you think it should. For all your openmindedness sometime you see the world in terms of black and white. You're not open to new people and fail to follow through on new friendships. You give most people the benefit of doubt but donbt offer friends and family the same curtesy. You are short tempered and sometimes forget how to take a joke and deal with sarcasm. You never call and get upset when the same is done to you. You don't spend enough time with friends and family and have little to no monetary restraint when you see something you want. But I still love you.

Opinion Time (Yay you!)

I'm at work so I just want to get this off quickly and actually um work (haha). As we all know my love for one Christopher Whitelaw Fine Pine exceeds all things (if you didn't well now you know). So the Pine-Nuts are doing something for his birthday (we're spoiling that boy but that's what you do to the ones you love, right?) and I need an idea fpr what to do (we're taking pictures with happy bday and crap) My plan was since I'm going to the beach sometime next week (maybe) I was gonna get my sibs to bury me up to my head and have Happy Birthday written on the sand (cute huh?) BUT what if we don't GO to the beach or the words don't come out clearly O_O what shall I do then? I need help guys because every situation needs a back up plan. Ok done and now back to work.

OMG! OMG, you guys!

 Got back from seeing Legally Blond the Musical a little while ago and honestly if you haven't seen it on MTV or live you should. Oh and if you haven't seen the movie ir's based on where have you been!?! But seriously the musical just makes you so happy afterward. There is a message there too (believing yourself or some ish teehee) but I promise you'll enjoy yourself. I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't seen it but it's FUNNY and raunchy and slightly tongue-in-cheek. So if you're open-minded and like randomness (and musicals) you'll enjoy it and if you don't get at me.
On another note I went into Jason's deli today and the cashier guy was flirting with me (TeeHee) he said I had an accent which I was so surprised about since I don't have one I think however English isn't my first language (but it is the only one I speak ask about it). My cousin was like he was flirt and next time I come in I should give him my number buuuuut he wasn't my type :(. That always happens to me but maybe next time it'll be someone who is.


So I stayed up all last night (Monday night) awaiting stories and video about project pine-nut delivery finally saw them it was AWESOME totally OD'd on happiness and vicariously living in the moment through others (teehee) and that is all I have to say on that except one more thing: that boy Chris Pine is the shyte like seriously. Like kevin smith(?) said,"I would watch him in anything..."* but I digress just saw fast and furious (reboot) with paul walker and was reminded how much I like how those Cali boys sound (mmmm good). Doesn't it seem like all I do with my day is watch tv but I actually work (sometimes), gotta pay tha 100K loan some how right no matter how slowly (33yrs O_O). Ok off to sleep working in bout 7 hours gotta be up in 5 after just 4 for today not as young as I used to be (23 dammit) can't keep up with the 19 yr olds anymore haha.

*he even said something about watching him (CP) have sex with his (KS) wife but trying to keep it pg 13 or ish like that.


I'm sitting here watching V for Vendetta as I wait for the ladies to post the video of Chris Pine receiving Project Pine-nut. They posted pics on cp.org which is awesome. That man is amazing to look at. Read some posts on ONTD_startrek about closing night of Farrgaut North and how nice and kind he is which just makes me like him even more. Never fan-girled over anyone as much as I am over him not even the love of my life Lupe whose concert I have been to for every album een twice for that last one (the cool) I cannot wait for the next 3/4 albums. I had forgotten how much I liked Natalie Portman as an actress but more so after that SNL sketch trust that it is amazing. I have yet to decide whether the fact that I can live vicariously through others (see project pine-nut, nekpen's life, the way I grin like a fool everytime I read an account of meeting Chris etc.) is a good or bad thing but I kind of view it as taking joy in people's accomplishments or overall luck but it could also be seen as an unwillingness to live my own life. Either way still waiting (impatiently) and watching this movie which is good so if you're interested get on it. Teehee.

Here's the sketch:

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So I haven't REALLY written in this in a while (since November) and I was going to take the time to catch up (just a little) and write about my day and trip to San Antonio but I'm hella tired it's almost 3am and I'm bout to pass out. Maybe later today or tomorrow esp. if  I put the LJ app back on my phone. 

Sleeping Beauty

I can fall asleep anywhere (well almost). My cousin and I went down to Deep Ellum on friday. He as always was looking for I bar to chill out in. I'm more of a club person myself but he has a point in not wanting to pay an obscene amount of money to watch people just stand around. But I'd be damn sure to have fun if I paid for anything. Anyway we did have to pay a cover, $13, but we saw two local bands. One was a jazz band with an excellent singer and the other was a rock(ish) band that had an amazing drummer. Toe was like if the singer from the first band and the drummer from the second got together they'd be amazing. Either way I was so tired by the time the second band rolled around that I fell asleep during most of their set. Just sat at a bar stool with my jacket on my lab purse on the table put my head down and went to sleep. I'm a person who can fall asleep pretty much anywhere though. Last year I fell asleep at a backetball game but I was suffering from jetlag after getting back from the BKK/T-land and freshman year I fell asleep during a football game, granted I was sick but whatever. I'm like I don't want to be here or can't fight the feeling so go to sleep. However, that philosophy can come back and bite me in the ass esp at church or when I'm attempting to study for a really crucial test.
Also saw Quantum of Solace yesterday there was no real storyline mainly things blown up, sexy women(according to my cousin)/locations and quite a bit of sex. I'd suggest that everyone either rent it or watch it online or get someone else to rent it or wait til it comes on showtime/cinemax/hbo.
That's all folks.

Just Dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The weekend was soooooo much fun!!!! Mainly friday and saturday just bummed around sunday, us heathen didn't even go to church (gasp! But more on that later, maybe). Otoja and I went down for Baylor Africa Student Association's Cultural Extraveganza. We got into the wack and went to San's how where he met Steph (the cheerleader) and Emmanuel which made me so happy cuz I hadn't seen him in SIX MONTHS(!!!!!) of course steph and I got on him for disappearing for so long but of course we LOVE him so all was forgiven. Then we went to give my sis her fashion show outfit(s) as well as for toe to see her after more than a few months. Afterwards we all went to pick up steph's sister (whom I haven't seen since graduation) and headed of to see the show (almost an hour late but you know african time: the show didn't start for another thirty minutes). The first night (friday) was cultural dancing and spoken word with a couple of fashion show runs thrown in. The second part (saturday morning) involves original plays as well as the rest of the fashion shows. Over all a good time, UT had a kick ass spoken word presentation (they got first place) and TWU had an amazing dance but they didn't win (they got second cuz, I think, their dance ran longer than the allotted 8 min). But the best thing was that I got to see ppl that I didn't get to see at homecoming ( arnetria, joy[ful], CHISOM!!!!!!) which may be seen a weird but I thought it was fitting. The thing I love most is that I got to see my boys esp. Chi-chi who is the love of my life and true brother of my heart. After friday we got ready to go out and party (you know africans). I was cute in my '80s inspired outfit. Got to dance with chisom who had said he was going to go write a paper but instead got a lil liquored up and decided not to be a lagger and came out instead. My cousin of course found the only two white chicks to hang with and danced with the fat squat one seriouly though there were some cute chicks there and we (my sis and I) were like I hope that chick don't think she hot shit cuz she's getting danced with. Saw jake and sof's sister there too and steph almost got into a fight my sis and I were like just say the world we'll punch now and ask questions later. Back to the house for sleep (I had a headache before we left). Saturday involved me running errands: frap to sis, football tickets, and a mall run (twice) once by myself then again with bee and steph cuz bee needed things for Mr English's installation. Took way too long on that last one esp. since I hadn't eaten real food in a day. When we got back san was home (!) boy was she surprised to see that extra tall cuzin of mine there. Saw pics of ant's new apt. Finally off to the game which we (Baylor) won!!!!!!!!! Then sofie arrived and everyone one (sof, toe and me) went to the banquet were awards were given and miss bev got on this table for talking while the keynote speaker was speaking. My sis wasd gorgeous as was I, sofie looked ok. After there was the bar (me, sof, san and toe) where my cuz once again found fat ugly girls (who happened to be white) to chill with. Us girls got ready for yet another after party while he went to this outside party we saw in passing. Another good, "clean" dancing fun was had san and I stole this boy's hat but we gave it back in the end. The after after party was at myowa's 100 ppl in a 4 bedroom apt no fun but sof, chisom and I went to wilma's house and fell asleep. Long and rambling but that was my wkend in the long run.

Hair nappy but I'm happy pocket full of dough!!!!!!!

Well that's not exactly true, my hair is not nappy I have these lovely braids in, but close enough. I was upset with myself, first for the amount of money I spent the day I bought my G1 on top of the cost of the actual phone, then how much I spent during homecoming eventhough I told myself that I couldn't by anything until christmas unless it was food and only at lunch, finally the amount I spent on my hair 180 to get it done and 141 on the actual hair itself (damn 16 inches). So considering I start paying back my loans this month a little conservation and penny pinching would be a good idea. But I'm a lucky chick and my tax refund (or whatever they call it) check came in and it's a crapload of money I got in almost like an extra paycheck, seriously. I sooooo want to spend it; that IS what you're supposed to do in hopes of boosting the economy or at least helping it along. So wouldn't it be my job as a citizen of these United States to spend the money instead of hiding it away in the bank where it yields little to no interest. However, it would also be irrisponsible of me to blow all that on something frivilous like...a fancy pen or some randomness right and I do so enjoy going online and seeing all that money in my account. Ah weel maybe I'll spend just a leettle bit of it buy a pretty dress or some other such "investment" piece or I could FINALLY get something from BCBG or Banana Republic besides the random piece of cheap jewelry or scarf or some crap like that. We will see or not. I'm a girl who likes pretty (expensive) things what can I say call it a flaw in my character if you want but either way I make things look good.